Network Solutions' "Renewal" Warning

You've probably heard about "phone slamming" - the practice of switching your long distance service without really obtaining your approval. A similar practice is now occuring on the internet.

A few years ago, Network Solutions (NSI) was the sole source for the registration of US based .com .org and .net domain names. This is no longer the case and there are a number of companies that provide domain name registrations at rates much lower than those offered by NSI. What most folks don't know is that NSI is still the managing company for coordinating these domain names for registrars that are ICANN members.

The registrants of .com .net and .org domain names are being contacted by Network Solutions and being told that they'll need to renew their domain names through NSI before they expire. ONE SMALL CATCH: the names were not registered through Network Solutions. Apparently NSI is using their management database to identify domain names that are due to expire and attempt to bring these customers under their control by sending "renewal" notices through e-mail and postal channels. The wording of the notice may make it sound like you are simply renewing your domain name, when in fact, you are granting permission to have the management of the name moved away from the company you originally registered it through.

As a registrant/owner of a .com .org or .net domain name, you should be aware of this "practice" and if you complete NSI's renewal form, you'll probably be spending more than you should for the renewal and WILL be moving your domain name to NSI's management system. Before replying to any renewal request from Network Solutions, check with the company that registered/manages your domain name first.