There has been a rise in domain name hi-jacking in recent months. Our customers have been receiving email or postal notices that their domain names are near expiration with "instructions" on how to renew. These mailing are from companies that DO NOT manage your domain name record. The notice appears to be a simple renewal form, but in reality it is an authorization to move your domain name registration away from us to a new registrar (READ THE FINE PRINT).

Beware of any notice you receive from:
Network Solutions - Verisign - - eNom

Don't fall victim to this scam! If you sign and return the notice, YOU WILL be leaving our registration service and most likely pay MORE for your domain name registration .

If you registered your domain name through us and use to manage your account, please note the following:

1. WE DO NOT SEND RENEWAL NOTICES THROUGH THE MAIL. Notices are only sent by email to the billing contact address on your domain name registration. If you receive a renewal notice in the mail, it's not from us and it is an attempt to "hi-jack" your domain name. Our email notices will reflect information from our company or - Tucows/OpenSRS.

2. If you sign and mail back a renewal notice you received in the mail, YOU RISK paying a higher renewal fee possibly even losing your domain name. Think about it ... a company that will try to deceive you to obtain your business may also change your domain name record away from your control. Would you really want to do business with a company that uses deceptive practices?

If you are not sure about a domain name renewal notice that you have received, please contact us before taking any action. Well be more than happy to answer any questions and help you avoid becoming another victim of scam.